Scholarships, internships, grants in Poland

Webinar on "scholarships, internships, grants in Poland, where to look and how to get", 15 February 2016

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The webinar will be interesting and useful for:

If you want to go to training, scholarship programs, short-term training courses, training, professional exchanges to Poland, get new experiences (cultural, scientific, educational and in another area), develop your skills, enrich knowledge, get new ideas and contacts that this webinar is for you!

Vebinar program will consist of two parts: First part: overview of the main scholarships and grant programs and opportunities for free education in Poland. Second part: application procedure and practical tips on how to fill out an application form, write a cover letter or draft from one to letters. Material of the webinar is based on my personal experience of participation in scholarships and projects.

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Webinar conducted by Ivan Kulchytsky, Project Manager "European Innovation Agency". Since 2005, engaged Ukraine-Polish cooperation, implemented more than 40 projects of Ukraine-Poland. He has been on scholarship program L.Kirklanda, trained in the "Education for Democracy Foundation" (Warsaw) and National Contact Point for EU research programs (Warsaw). He worked for scholarships Study tours to Poland.