French-university cooperation

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the New Year and wish you inspiration and success in the new year.

Taking this opportunity we remind you of some events of the French-university cooperation.

  1. Opened scholarship competition of the French government to study master's and PhD programs: Last date of submitting the documents on March 15

  2. French-Ukrainian contest of scientific projects "Dnipro" The new competition "Dnepr" should be opened in April this year for joint projects in the years 2017-2018. Follow the news on the site MES and Campus France

  3. For all who want to visit France to study languages or get acquainted with the culturedeveloped a new application for mobile phones France Immersion:

  4. Changes in the procedure for getting a student visa Now the list of documents to get long-term visa is simplified, this information still does not appear on the embassy website, but students do not have to prepare the following documents: 1) birth certificate with apostelem 2) a certificate of good conduct from apostelem

  5. Short-term scientific visa Dear Colleagues, please note, that when applying for a Schengen visa, purpose of travel research activities, you have to give convention d'accueil, and the period of visa will be limited to the action of the contract (convention), but if you want to get a Schengen visa multiple entries, better to apply for short-term business visa, but in this case the official invitation we can be no on the implementation of research activities, but rather to hold joint meetings etc.

Regards, Sylvain Rigollet Oksana Landes Olha Dorosh