About program

Education and training of young people are essential for job creation and competitiveness in Europe.

Over the next few years, the program ERASMUS + will provide € 14.7 billion to strengthen the education, training, youth and sport in Europe, allowing more than 4 million young people to get the skills and experience studying abroad.

Below you will find information on the next steps for applying all the documents. A representative from a foreign university can give you a final answer only after you have submitted all the documents before the deadline and the Commission considered all forms. You can find information about exchange programs by clicking on the following links:

For the program ERASMUS: http://www.international.uni-hannover.de/erasmusincoming.html?&L=1

For all exchange programs with partner universities (not ERASMUS): http://www.international.uni-hannover.de/bi_austauschprogramme.html?&L=1

For program ISEP: http://www.international.uni-hannover.de/180.html?&L=1

For program ISAP: http://www.international.uni-hannover.de/181.html?&L=1

Please post the documents no later than 31 May each year for the following winter semester, or until December 15, if you want to studying during the summer semester. The International Office has only a limited number of rooms in the dormitory, which are designed for exchange students, so the university can not guarantee placement in a student dormitory.