ERASMUS+ program allows you to study in Europe for one or two semesters!

This exchange program for students has a number of advantages, such as:

Applying the documents

To apply the documents you need sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction, ie, official language or English, which is significant for the adoption of international students to the program. List of documents for submission to the program ERASMUS + can be found on the site of the university, which you liked.

The list of cities and countries of Universities, with which Dr., Prof. at the Informatics Department, Oleksandr Y. Kuziomin has got a colaboration:

Aalen, Leipzig, Wildau, Dresden, Hamburg, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Amsterdam, Moldova, Georgia

Studying in another country

To start studying, firstly you must to apply for participation in the program. Specific dates for the submission of the application may be different in different universities, you can specify the dates on the website of your chosen university. The coordinators of the program, representatives of ERASMUS+ and special advisers from the university can help you to organize your studying program.